Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Virtual Tools For Acheiving Great Things

I have been working with/using Elluminate software for several years now. It is not alone in the virtual classroom / meeting space technology arena. WebEx is another application, WIMBA another.

Check out this great effort by Elluminate

Fire and Ice -- Learning Across Borders

Today, while talking to a colleague, we shared technology philosophies. I shared my thought -- "Get the teachers past the basics as quickly as possible so they can spend more time on the benefits of the technology."

The link above highlights how making use of technology should be the real goal of Educational Technology Leaders. Basic training and "how to" sessions should take less than 5% of our time. The other 95% can then be spent on the true benefits.

After reading from the page above, I am inspired to take my own philosophy more seriously.

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