Friday, January 16, 2009

Being Diverse

I have been absent from blogging for a few weeks working on some training and business planning. For those you know, my other life is spent being a entrepreneur /musician / teacher. So, I have been busy building a new business, getting our Saxophone group out in the public eye through our blog and outreach communications, and planning for some upcoming training I will be delivering.

I have really taken the words of my mentors and friends to heart and wish to share them with you. Those who mean a lot to me have given me a consistent message over the last few months. That message is one I consider to be my new mantra.

"Everything we do as humans, contributes to our ability to lead, to teach, to help others, to grow, to be self sufficient or to benefit a larger organization (of 2 or a 1000)."

I encourage my fellow e-Learning experts, developers, colleagues, family and friends to think about how your diversity benefits yourself and the organizations you belong to.

Being diverse does not mean you dabble in things and master nothing.

Being diverse means you take the time to challenge yourself in everything you do and weave all that you do into what makes you a strong person.

Being diverse means that you strive to master ALL that you do and use true experts as role models. The important thing is to continue to strive. The reality of being a true expert in everything is impossible -- we all know that. Who would really want to be! By striving, holding ourselves up to the light of incredibly talent role models and challenging ourselves to achieve high standards and lofty goals, we can be inspirational role models ourselves.

My challenge to the blogging community is to share your diversity. Share your blogs with others, be open to discussions on all that you do. For those wanting to read a bit about my Sax Quartet, feel fee to visit my Keystone Sax Quartet Blog.

Be diverse -- enjoy it, treasure you talents and share!

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